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  • VIS-Polish

VIS-Polish® is a robotic wheel polishing system that restores aluminium truck and bus rims to a mirror finish. The VIS-Polish® quickly refurbishes road-weary wheels to reveal any hidden damage before a wheel can break. Simply install the wheel to be polished, start the VIS-Polish® machine and walk away.
Whether polishing your own wheels, or those of a customer, VIS-Polish® provides an exceptional return on investment.  For Detailers and Tyre shops, VIS-Polish® boosts revenue with a high service margin that gives your operation a ‘point of difference’, attracts new business and keeps existing customers coming back.  For Fleets and Truck Dealers, VIS-Polish® boosts fleet pride while enhancing vehicle safety and ensuring maximum vehicle resale value is attained.


  • Safety – Oxidized rims camouflage cracks while polished rims reveal dangerous defects.  VIS-Polish® also isolates an otherwise dangerous activity by identifying cracks in rims.
  • Re-sale – A well-polished vehicle demands a higher price on the resale market.   It is not uncommon for the VIS-Polish® to provide an increase in the selling price of a new truck by $1,500 to $2,000 over the price of a comparable unit with normal, dull wheels.
  • Fleet Pride – A well-polished vehicle communicates the pride of the owner or community where the vehicle operates.


  • Speed – VIS-Polish® is faster than manual polishing and it never takes a break.
  • Control – VIS-Polish® is computer programmed to apply the perfect amount of polishing motion and pressure.
  • Quality – VIS-Polish® produces a deeper, longer-lasting shine.
  • Cost – VIS-Polish® increases service margins by reducing manual labour.  The VIS-Polish® allows service technicians to multi-task and reduce under absorbed labour as the VIS-Polish® requires very little attention during operating cycles, yet generates a great return on investment and builds customer loyalty.