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The NEPEAN Transport customer service experience includes: Technical advice; Upgrades, calibration, repairs and alterations; Maintenance advice; Warranty repairs; and Refurbishments and overhaul of equipment.

NEPEAN Transport service technicians maintain and calibrate all VIS equipment to assure the integrity and efficiency of the machine, we complete a yearly calibration to ensure that the VIS-Check complies with standards established by the NHVR. This includes software and machine upgrades when needed to comply with any new standards introduced by the NHVR.

We keep a complete inventory of repair and replacement parts on hand to ensure all VIS products provide maximum efficiency and reliability. On hand parts minimise machine down-time ensuring that you get the maximum productivity on all VIS products.

NEPEAN Transport offers a full OEM in house refurbishment program on our VIS-Check® and VIS-Polish® products. All upgrades receive the latest software and wireless options giving our customers an option to refurbish rather than replace their machines. We offer a warranty on all replacement parts to ensure that you get the maximum lifespan again out of your machine.

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