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  • About Us

Our heavy vehicle service equipment has continued to maintain an international reputation for innovation, robust design and premium quality.

Used exclusively by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator in Australia and approved by the US Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, truck and bus fleet operators, heavy vehicle service workshops, truck wash and detailing operations and mines across the globe depend on NEPEAN Transport equipment and the highly skilled technical team to ensure drivers, travellers and cargo get to their destination safely and on time.

After more than 20 years, we understand the needs and priorities of our customers. Our equipment is designed to effectively and conclusively measure and improve the efficiency of heavy vehicles and mining/earthmoving equipment as well as improve vehicle appearance. Rigorous heavy vehicle brake, steering, suspension testing and wheel alignment is critical to ensure truck and road user safety. We keep things simple, so our customers need not worry about the performance of their vehicles and their diagnostic equipment in any environment, under any conditions. We take a problem that is complex and difficult and make it easy for our customers …and that’s the way it should be!