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The Advanced Technology of VIS-Check® Ensures Efficiency, Compliance, and Reliability

14 May, 2024

VIS-Check® steps in with its advanced vehicle inspection technology, providing a comprehensive analysis of vehicle efficiency, roadworthiness, and compliance. As the exclusive manufacturer of roller brake testers in Australia, VIS-Check® guarantees high quality and reliability, meeting the rigorous demands set by regulatory authorities.

One of the standout features of VIS-Check® is its complete mobility, allowing users to set up the system anywhere on a level surface effortlessly. Thanks to its fully self-contained design and quick assembly, conducting thorough vehicle inspections has never been more convenient. The aluminium access ramps ensure a smooth transition, further enhancing the user experience.

VIS-Check® also offers comprehensive tests that analyse crucial factors such as brake force, brake balance, wheel rolling resistance, and deceleration. This detailed analysis helps optimize braking performance, efficiency, and tyre wear, ensuring vehicles and fleets are operating at their peak potential.

Moreover, VIS-Check® simplifies data analysis by allowing users to capture axle weight measurements and download them to a Windows-based computer for in-depth evaluation. With its road simulator feature, VIS-Check® enables swift diagnosis and inspection of steering, suspension, and undercarriage components, ultimately enhancing overall vehicle performance.