NEPEAN TRANSPORT manufactures the Mine-Spec NEPEAN NIGHTOWL® 24V LED Light Tower. The NEPEAN NIGHTOWL® 24V LED light tower features the Hella HypaLume 240W LED lamps that produce a staggering 22,053 effective lumens per lamp. Highly suited to mining operations, this light tower is user friendly and compatible with automatic 7 days stop-start timers.  Eight lamps can be mounted on the NEPEAN NIGHTOWL® 24VLED light tower, and the market-leading 176,424 lumens they produce provides enough light for stand-alone, high impact lighting of mine haul road intersections and ROM pads, road works, construction projects, events, emergency rescue, general industrial and maintenance operations.

Designed with project safety and the environment in mind, the NEPEAN NIGHTOWL® 24VLED Light tower comes fully bunded to prevent fluid spillage and contains a fuel-efficient, diesel engine.

The NEPEAN NIGHTOWL® 24VLED Light tower is perfect for Mining and rental applications, offering fuel tank options whereby the tower only needs refuelling once every three weeks.  They also come with extended 500-hour service intervals and deliver an 18t annual carbon footprint reduction compared with standard metal halide lamps.

Cost-effective transportation using an open truck or shipping container is now a reality. The space-saving design features a retractable drawbar, compact frame and telescopic space-saving mast design allowing up to six towers to be carried on a standard 40ft open truck. Forklift pockets, lifting points and tie-down straps underline the tower’s commitment to transit safety, and the light tower can be easily towed by most conventional vehicles.

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